C Language

Here is a Hello World program in C

C Hello World! Example: Your First Program Here,is a Hello World program in C #include<stdio.h> //Pre-processor directive void main() //main function declaration { printf(“Hello World”); //to output the string on a display getch (); //terminating function } Here is the code explanation: Pre-processor directive #include is a pre-processor directive in ‘C.’ #include <stdio.h>, stdio is …

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Install C on Windows

How to Download & Install GCC Compiler for C in Windows, Linux, Mac In this tutorial, we will learn to install C in Windows, Mac, and Linux. We will use an open-source Integrated Development environment named Code::Blocks which bundles a compiler (named gcc offered by Free Software Foundation GNU), editor and debugger in a neat package. Step 1) Go to http://www.codeblocks.org/downloads and click Binary Release. Step 2) Choose the …

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What is C programming?

What is C Programming Language? Basics, Introduction, and History C is a general-purpose programming language that is extremely popular, simple and flexible. It is machine-independent, structured programming language which is used extensively in various applications. C was the basic language to write everything from operating systems (Windows and many others) to complex programs like the Oracle …

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C Data Types

In this tutorial, you will learn about basic data types such as int, float, char, etc. in C programming. In C programming, data types are declarations for variables. This determines the type and size of data associated with variables. For example, Here, myVar is a variable of int (integer) type. The size of int is 4 bytes. Basic types Here’s a …

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