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How do I become a good Java Programmer?

April 1, 2021


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Java is one of the popular,  most reliable, and widely used programming languages.  It is being used both in web and mobile applications. That is why the demand for Java programmers is so high these days as expert developers are being recruited massively in the Information Technology sector.

Undoubtedly, if you want to become a good Java programmer, you have to become a better programmer first, and for that, you will have to keep on improving your programming skills.

Here I will explore the top 10 ways to become a good Java programmer.

1. Strong foundation of OOPS

If you want to become a java developer, having a strong foundation on OOPS is a must.  Because without understanding OO principles you can’t realize the beauty of object-oriented programming language.

Just having basic knowledge of OOPS cannot help as it will only help you to code in a procedural way. That is why besides knowing OO principle definitions you should also know how to apply those principles in designing a solution in an OO way.

For that, you should have concrete knowledge of object modeling, design patterns, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, etc.

2. Get experience with core APIs

Merely having theoretical knowledge of Java will not serve the purpose unless you have mastery over the core Application Programming Interface.

For example, you should have experience of successfully employing java. lang.*, collections, 1/O, exceptions, generics JDBC, threads, etc.

Furthermore, it does not matter what framework you are using while building a web application. What matters most is how well you understand the concepts around JSPs and servlets.

3.  Know JVM Internals 

Learning Java Virtual Machine is a must if you want to become a professional Java Developer.  For that, you should know different parts of JVM and how they work. They include Garbage, JVM options, JIT, collectors, and collections, etc.

4. Never stop coding

The solution to a problem may seem simple and easy in theory but when it comes to implementing your approach it requires real expertise and hands-on experience. So keep on coding.

5. Join relevant technology forums

You are not alone in this IT world. Many other developers are using the same technologies you are working on, so just doing a simple proof of concept on some framework might not offer you a real challenge.

So, in order to take real challenges, you should work on real projects.  That will help you solve weird problems.

Moreover,  subscribing to relevant technology forums can allow you to learn from other programmers who have already solved the problems you are facing.

Likewise, you can also help other programmers who are looking for any solution. It will allow you to build a network of programmers using the same forum.

6. Read blogs and learn from other developers

Follow thousands of enthusiastic technology experts, bloggers, and developers worldwide, who are sharing their invaluable insights on technology.

Following these expert developers will help you get firsthand knowledge about their good and bad opinions regarding a specific framework and its features.

Plus, you can gain knowledge by asking questions, commenting, and responding to developers’ blogs. This way you will not only build a strong relationship with them but also learn new things.

7. Study the source code of popular frameworks

To become a successful developer, you should try to get in-depth knowledge of the source code of different popular frameworks. This will allow you to understand the internal mechanism of the framework.

Moreover, with concrete knowledge and hands-on experience of the functionality of widely used mechanisms, you are most likely to become an outstanding developer.

8. Keep an eye on the emerging technology trends

Remember that open-source software development trends are rapidly growing these days. By the time you learn a specific framework, new frameworks with super-set features come in to replace the older ones.

When you try to solve existing problems with the obsolete framework, you are likely to lag.  That is why you need to learn a newly launched framework as soon as possible so that you can swiftly solve the problem.

So always keep your eyes open and see what is coming in and what is becoming outdated.

9. Keep wieldy used code snippets and utilities safe

To become a successful and efficient developer, you should save your time and energy by keeping commonly used figuration snippets handy like JDBC, Log4. properties, such as DBUtils, StringUtils, ReflectionUtils, etc,

Keeping above mentioned commonly used handy will allow you to help other co-developers to offer the solutions to their problems in a few minutes.

10. Master different development methodologies

Nowadays, knowing methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM,  and XP can be genuinely beneficial.

Some clients prefer the Waterfall model, while some are happy with Agile.  So having familiarity with these development methodologies will take you to the next level as a developer.

11.  Share your experiences on technology by blogging

Think of how valuable your solutions can be for other developers if you blog and document your hard-learned ways and architectural ideas.

Not only will it help you become a professional developer, but it will also help other programmers to learn from you.

Also, you can share your best practices with other struggling developers who may be facing the same issue on a production deployed application.

In this way, other developers will learn from you how to solve some weird problems.


In short, to become a good Java programmer, besides having familiarity with the source code of popular frameworks,  you should also keep learning the emerging technology trends and remain updated so that you can offer solutions in a timely and professional manner.