Microservices vs. Monoliths, Schedulers, Light-weight vs. Heavyweight, Time Derived Properties, Groovy, JavaScript–Or 111th airhacks.television : Adam Bien’s Weblog

Questions and Matters for the 111th airhacks.television dwell stream Q and A are prepared:

  1. Microservices vs. Monoliths
  2. Finest method to schedule a repeated process in an utility scoped cdi bean
  3. Airhacks Time Machine
  4. The Airhacks Time Machine:

    Microservices and Java EE, Light-weight vs. Heavyweight, OSGi, time derived properties, JRebel, safety between microservices, debug docker apps, batch processing, Groovy, JavaScript, Java, websockets and scalability, seceond stage cache.

Any questions left? Ask now: gist.github.com/AdamBien/a97ce552e3f784721dda8054ab1871f2 and get the solutions on the subsequent airhacks.television.
Some questions are additionally answered with a brief video: 60 seconds or much less with Java

See you each first Monday of the month at https://airhacks.television 8pm CET (UTC+1:00).
Present can be introduced at: meetup.com/airhacks.

Additionally checkout: the airhacks discord server

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NEW dwell, digital workshop: Constructing AWS Java Bootstrap, June fifteenth, 2023 and Price Pushed Architectures with Java on AWS, June twenty second, 2023 are open for registration. Additionally by way of: meetup.com/airhacks and airhacks.eventbrite.com

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