Traversal is a technique to access all nodes. Linear linked lists, like single and double linked lists, are easy to traverse because …

This is a recursive procedure based on divide and conquer techniques to solve the problem. This means dividing the main problem into smaller ones and merging them later to get a solution to the bigger

The data structure stack gives you access to the last data item that you inserted onto the stack. If you delete the last item from the stack, you can access it next to the last

Since the Java method is one of the important Java methods,   developers consider it compulsory in Java.  It is true to some extent, but not in all cases. The main method is the entry

Microservices are autonomous programs that work as data consumers and data producers. They function between service boundaries within a cloud environment. For example, there may be 100-200 individual microservices to create an Amazon web age.

In a circular singly linked list, the last node in the list contains a pointer to the first node in the list. There is a single-linked circular list and a double-linked circular list. Traverses a

Java is an object-oriented and class-based programming language. It is a computing platform for developing an application that can execute many statements at once. It is an advanced form of C++ which can be downloaded

Reversing Linked List is an interesting topic in data structure and algorithms. This article describes several algorithms to implement the reverse-linked list. Reverse a Linked List: LinkedList is a data structure that stores data in

Given a linked list and two keys in it, swap the node for two given keys. You need to change the link to replace the node. If the data contains many fields, exchanging data at

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