Scope is the program area. Variable scope is the area of ​​your program where variables are declared and used. So you can …

A Copy Constructor creates an object by initializing it with a previously created object of the same class. The Copy Constructor is used for the following purposes: Initialize an object of another object of the

Constructor: Constructor is a member function of class. It is mainly used to initialize objects in a class. A constructor called automatically when object is created. This is a special kind of member function of

Static data members are declared using the static keyword and also known as a class member. Even if you have many class objects, the class only has one copy of the static data member. This

The term “abstraction” means showing only important information and hiding details. Data abstraction is the provision of important information about the data to the outside world, hiding details and background implementations. In C ++, data

The term “encapsulation” is to make sure that “sensitive” data is hidden from the user. In oop, encapsulation defined as the combination of information with the functions that control it. In general, encapsulation is the

The term “polymorphism” is a combination of “poly” and “morph” and means many forms. In C ++, polymorphism is an important feature of object-oriented programming. Simply put, polymorphism can be defined as the ability of

The ability of one class to derive properties and properties of another class is called inheritance. Inheritance is the most important characteristics of OOP. What is child class? A class that inherits properties from another

Introduction to Access Modifiers in C++: Access modifiers are a technique that is applied to members of a class and restricts access between classes. In C ++, access modifiers can be accomplished using three keywords.

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