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Reversing Linked List is an interesting topic in data structure and algorithms. This article describes several algorithms to implement the reverse-linked list. Reverse a Linked List: LinkedList is a data structure that stores data in

Given a linked list and two keys in it, swap the node for two given keys. You need to change the link to replace the node. If the data contains many fields, exchanging data at

Consider a simple representation of the linked list (no dummy nodes). The functions that manipulate these linked lists can be divided into two categories: 1) The function does not change the head pointer: Printing the

Both recursion and iteration execute a series of instructions repeatedly. Recursion is when a declaration in a function repeatedly calls itself. Iteration means that the loop repeats itself until the control condition goes false. The

Arrays are generally considered data structures that are fixed in size at compile time and whose array memory is allocated from a data section (such as a global array) or a stack section (such as

Deletion of the linked list can occur in different parts of the list. Some cases are: Beginning of the linked list. End of the linked list. Given position in the linked list. Let’s take a

Introducing linked lists and inserting linked lists was covered in a previous post on linked lists of data structures and algorithms. Let’s create a problem statement to understand the removal process. Specify a “key” to

A linked list is a set of data structures interconnected by links. A linked list is a set of links that contains items. Linked lists are the second most widely used data structure after arrays.

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